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Modest Fashion Tips

Modest Fashion tips

Combining modesty and stylishness can be challenging as it can take people twice as long to coordinate outfits and select matching accessories. In order to look your best make the most of your closet, here are some things to consider.

  • Know your body shape and shop appropriately.

One of the best feelings is to feel good in what you are wearing, and an outfit that compliments your shape elevates self-confidence. The female figure is usually classified into four body shapes.

The pear shape, shoulder measurements are usually smaller in comparison to waist and hips measurements. The hourglass figure, shoulder and hip measurements are even compared to waist measurement that is smaller. The apple shape, shoulder measurements are bigger than hip and waist measurements and the rectangular shape, shoulders, waist and hip measurements are almost the same. So, take your measurements and determine where you fall. Next research styles that compliment that body shape and start window shopping.

In essence, knowing your body shape helps to shop for the right outfits that curates your wardrobe, making outfit selection much easier.

  • Basics and Essentials

Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe. The reason is that you can mix and match basics by themselves or you can pair them with statement pieces that suit your style.

Basics can also be worn year-round by pairing them with season appropriate pieces or occasion appropriate pieces.

 These essentials include your simple black pencil skirt, white blouse or shirt, black blazer, denim skirt, denim jacket, leather jacket, undergarment camisole (black, white, nude), undergarment seamless shorts (black, nude), slips (black, ivory), black shoes (pumps, flats and nude shoes (pumps, flats). These staples never go out of style and will always come in handy.

  • Invest in quality rather than quantity

You have all heard of the saying that less is more. Having 10 pieces of quality clothing will serve you better than having a room full of cheaply made clothes. Look at it like an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Would you spend $10 dollars on a shirt that will only last after one wash or you would rather pay $100 dollars on another shirt that will last for 5 years? The thing to consider is longevity of the product.

I remember how I used to love and fill my closet with cheaply made clothes because I liked the idea that the more clothes I had, the more I could afford endless mixing and matching. However, I soon realized that the clothes were not lasting long enough. They were either losing their original color, developing holes here and there, ripping with ease or shrinking after the first wash. This led to constant replacement of one clothing after the other which started to become expensive.

So, I learned to invest in quality clothing rather than cheaply made clothing.

  • Invest in accessories

Simple items like belts, scarves, brooches (flower, pearl), purses, fascinators or whichever accessory you like, have a way of adding an edge and elevating an entire look. Imagine how a silver belt can transform a black sheath dress by adding just the right amount of color. In essence, accessories afford a sense of style and elegance to an outfit. So, it’s important to invest in a few pieces and better still, keep them close and use them.

  • Stay off trends and go for timeless fashion

The fashion world has become so fast paced that trends come and go. Imagine how much money you would be spending if you tried to keep up with all the latest fashion? Meaning you will always be changing your wardrobe. The key is staying true to yourself and choosing timeless pieces that never go out of style.

  • Pay attention to personal grooming

Personal grooming is not vanity! Taking care of the skin, face, hair, nails, body odor etc. should be part of daily beauty regimen and should not be viewed as vanity. The word modesty connotes appropriateness in every aspect of our lives and should not be limited to just wearing modest clothes. Stepping out with dry chapped skin, untidy hair, dirty fingernails and unflattering clothes speak ill of a person. So, before you go out, groom yourself, step in front of a mirror and see yourself as a representative of the KING!


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